Power to Attorney


LIFTing the Burden


Power to Attorney is a coaching program that applies the LIFT model to empower highly sensitive and empathic lawyers, enabling them to thrive.

It is designed to help my clients disengage from limiting beliefs and assist them in identifying and realizing their true goals. As part of the program, clients learn additional valuable skills around better decision-making, communication, and more effective marketing.

Perhaps most importantly though, through the Power to Attorney experience our clients feel validated for who they truly are rather than for whom society believes they should be.

What Clients Say

“With patience and deep care, Sat-Sung was able to push me past the limiting beliefs I had in a relationship I have with a family member and expand my view of the possibility of what it could be and will be one day.
Sat-Sung is extremely professional and creates a non-judgmental and emotionally safe environment.
Highly recommend her for anyone who really wants to generate flow in their lives!”



“With her confidence and guidance Sat-Sung has helped me understand beliefs that are holding me back from having a more positive outlook on my life experience. Not only has the work had an immediate effect on my life, but the revelations are working on a subconscious level, meaning that I see positive changes happening that surprise me every day. Sat-Sung’s kindness creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in our sessions that always leaves me looking at the world with an expectation of good things to come.”


California, USA

“It was amazing how clear and precise I was able to get with my vision. This made it super easy to develop a vision…completely aligned with my strengths, passion, and personality. I highly recommend this to anyone that feels like a fog has settled in on their ideas and dimmed their passion for their work. You’ll walk away with a clear vision and a personal mantra that is completely unique to you and will act as your guiding star even months later.”



Thoughtfully Designed for Highly Sensitive and Empathic Lawyers


With adversarial environments, high-pressure situations, and frequently-grating personalities, the legal profession is frequently even more overwhelming and demanding for highly sensitive and empathic lawyers, than for other attorneys.

For a highly sensitive person (HSP) or empath, these factors create the perfect recipe stress, burnout, and emotional exhaustion.

Power to Attorney is designed for lawyers and legal professionals like you.

Power to Attorney is designed to support and assist you in identifying and overcoming limiting beliefs and unhelpful internal messages that grind on your confidence, in both your professional and your personal life, so that you win back your life.

Through personalized one-to-one coaching sessions and the program’s unique LIFT framework, we work together to identify and dismantle internal blocks that hold you back from being the lawyer and person you wish to be.

Together we help you nurture a new way of experiencing yourself that is more in line with who you truly are. You will be supported in gaining clarity and focus as you realize your goals, and receive personalized strategies for reaching better decisions and communicating more effectively.

L – Limited

  • Become aware of negative thought-patterns that cause you to subconsciously self-sabotage and remain unclear about your goals or unwilling to pursue them.
  • Deeply understand how your internalized negative attitudes can create a sense of insignificance and powerlessness.

I – Invert

  • Exercise the power of neuroplasticity to replace negative self-talk with empowering beliefs, expanding your future rather than constricting it.
  • Gain clarity about what your goals truly are, rather than being overly influenced by others and their preferences.

F – Fortify

  • Acquire personal and intuitive strategies for reaching better decisions and communicating more effectively.
  • Learn ways of marketing yourself effectively while remaining aligned with whom you are.
  • Recognize how to shield and protect yourself.

T – Thrive

  • Understand how to thrive as a highly sensitive or empathic attorney in a legal system that is frequently harsh and unsympathetic
  • Become a better advocate – both for your clients and for yourself.

Take Action

Taking as little as 45 minute a week, Power to Attorney fits into the busiest attorney’s schedule.

The remote coaching approach is perfect for highly sensitive and empathic lawyers.

Take action and be in touch to see if we’re a good fit.

About Me

It’s so nice to meet you.

My name is Sat-Sung, and I’m a lawyer and coach, as well as an empath.

I worked in corporate law for many years as a tax lawyer and then as a commercial attorney. Since 2018 I have been helping others overcome internal blocks that hold them back, allowing them to thrive and be the best versions of themselves.

Power to Attorney